People’s Choice Award Winners

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2023-2024:  Bobbie Carlyle, “Aviator”
2022-2023:  Stephen Landis, “Snowy Owl”
2021-2022:  Dimitry Domani Spiridon, “American Gold”
2020-2021:  Dimitry Domani Spiridon, “Wings of Freedom”
2019-2020:  Dimitry Domani Spiridon, “American Gold”
2018-2019:  Matthew Duffy, “Low-Poly Heart No. 4 (Red)”
2017-2018:  Joe Burleigh, “Blackbird”
2016-2017:  Andrew Arvanete, “Quest”
2015-2016:  Janene Di-Rico-Cable, “Puppy Love”
2014-2015:  Kevin Schaffer, “Needle and Thread”
2013-2014:  Luis Fernandez, “The Eye”
2012-2013:  Vincent Juarez, “Epic. A Mosaic Obelisk”
2011-2012:  Kevin Schaffer, “Mountain Muhly”
2010-2011:  Mark Castator, “Tower of Cumae”
2009-2010:  Anthony Guntren, “Impulse”